Entrepreneurial Marketing: Beyond Professionalism to Creativity, Leadership, and Sustainability

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
8 hours 27 minutes
In Entrepreneurial Marketing: Beyond Professional Marketing, a renowned team of marketing leaders, including the 'Father of Modern Marketing,' professor Philip Kotler, delivers a groundbreaking and incisive redefinition of entrepreneurial marketing. In the book, some of the marketing sector's brightest minds explore the increasingly essential initiative to build new capabilities beyond the mainstream marketing approach that also consider the effect of digital connectivity on consumers and companies everywhere. This book also discusses what marketers need to do to break the stagnation of normative marketing approaches that are often no longer effective in dealing with dynamic business environments.

The authors introduce a fresh entrepreneurial marketing approach, converging dichotomies into a coherent form. The book also includes: a post-entrepreneurial-marketing view of the commercial landscape which puts the operational aspect at the center of the action, converging marketing and finance, and adopting technology for humanity; discussions of the strategies and techniques that will drive the actions of the marketing departments to create value with values that will lead the company to success through the year 2030; and explorations of the paradox between the development of core competencies and collaboration with various parties, including competitors.
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