Fat Tuesday

Written by:
Sandra Brown
Narrated by:
Jack Garrett

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2012
13 hours 31 minutes
New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown’s latest romantic thriller is set against the lively and decadent backdrop of New Orleans—where, to avenge the acquittal of his partner’s murderer, a policeman kidnaps the defense lawyer’s wife.
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Linda H.

Kept my interest, Great Characters!

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Eric C.

Great work for the narrator but this book is really boring. Try something else instead.

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Carmel S.

Disappointing. I normally enjoy Brown's books, and this does have her trademark fast-moving plot, cool setting (New Orleans this time) and well-drawn characters, but I just couldn't take how awful the main/viewpoint character is. We're supposed to feel sorry for him, yes, I get it, but he comes across as a self-centered jerk who doesn't care who he hurts as long as "he" gets his petty revenge. That includes innocent people and total bystanders. We are supposed to cheer, I guess, when he gets physically violent with someone, and when he intimidates other people into risking their lives for his stupid plans. Also, I get why he wanted revenge, but the ridiculously elaborate, mind-bogglingly stupid plot he comes up with just took me out of the story. When it was clear it was incredibly dangerous to innocent people, and when I found myself hoping one of the bad guys would shoot him, I had to bail. The narrator does a great job with this sub-par material.

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Caryn B.

Sandra Brown weaves suspenseful stories like no other. Wonderful story. Great narration. A five out of five stars.

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Sherry T.

Loved this book. The narrator was really good.

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Tracey Bannister

Great narrator. The book had me from the beginning. Absolutely awesome book.

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