Feeling Is The Secret (Neville Goddard 1944): SPECIAL EDITION - Self Help Guided Sleep Meditation Hypnosis Prayer Audio Version

Written by:
Neville Goddard
Narrated by:
Denis Daly

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
0 hours 51 minutes
Neville Goddard wrote ten books, and many believe 'Feeling Is The Secret' to be his most powerful. In it he furnishes you with the knowledge to be, have, and do all the things you desire in your life. Although there are many other books that touch on the power of 'faith' or 'feeling', this amazing little book focuses solely on its importance. And in a very clear, concise, and practical manner, without any fluff or filler. It explains not just the why, but more importantly the how, missing in many other teachings.

Neville was an iconic Master of the law of attraction and manifestation. This work is a Masterpiece in its simplicity. It's the missing piece for many in their quest to use the Law Of Attraction on a consistent basis, not hit and miss. It sheds light on why your results in the past may have been inconsistent. He teaches that success in life comes from within, and that mastery of your thoughts and feelings will mold the outer world of form and circumstances to your success and benefit. Knowledge of the law of consciousness and the method of operating this law will enable you to accomplish all you desire in life. This special new audio version of this 1944 classic adds even more power with the addition of an extra chapter. This added chapter is a guided meditation/prayer/sleep primer that is not in the original 1944 publication. It is unique to this special edition. In fact, the addition of this extra chapter multiplies the benefits and effects of the book significantly. For best effect play whilst in bed before sleep each night, and then allow the guided meditation self-hypnosis exercise to take you into the dream sleep state. The affirmations form a summary of the key points in the book, presented in a way that will achieve the state-required before falling asleep, as described in the book.

Play every night in bed before sleep, and watch as every day, in every way, things just keep getting better, better, and better!
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