Finding Acceptance

Finding Acceptance

Written by:
Christine Gael
Narrated by:
Karissa Vacker
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2024
6 hours 30 minutes
Anna Sullivan has just found out that she has another sister . . .

And the news is rocking her world. As she tries to come to grips with her mother's infidelity and the knowledge that Pop wasn't her biological father, she loses sight of the fact that there is another person in this equation. Her half-sister, Nikki, who didn't ask for any of this either. But seeing her is just another reminder that Anna's whole life is a lie . . .

Nikki Merrill has been in Bluebird Bay for months, hoping to fill in the piece of the puzzle that has been missing all these years. She wants to be patient, but it seems like the dream of having the relationship with Anna she so desperately wants is just getting further and further away. If it wasn't for her job at the diner and her new, handsome handyman, she'd be totally miserable. But when a series of disturbing events dredge up memories of the past, she wonders if her visit to Bluebird Bay might've been the biggest mistake of her life.
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