Five Total Strangers

Written by:
Natalie D. Richards
Narrated by:
Devon Sorvari

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2020
7 hours 55 minutes
Mira needs to get home for the holidays—badly. But when an incoming blizzard results in a canceled layover, it looks like she might get stuck at the Philadelphia airport indefinitely. And then Harper, Mira's glamorous seatmate from her initial flight, comes to the rescue. Harper and her three friends are renting a car, and they can drop Mira off on the way home. But as their trip begins, Mira discovers her fellow travelers aren't friends like she thought-they're total strangers. And every one of them seems to be hiding something dangerous. Soon, Mira is in a panic. The roads have gone from slippery to terrifying. People's belongings are mysteriously disappearing. Someone in the car is clearly lying...and Mira begins to suspect that one of them is sabotaging the trip. If she wants to make it home alive, she'll need to uncover the truth about these strangers before this nightmare drive turns fatal.
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Jamie S.

I really liked the narrator, I can not tell you how many books I've had to return or how many books I've skipped on getting simply because I couldn't handle the narrator but Devon does a great job. The book was pretty good, a bit predictable but still good. There is actually a few really good life lessons in this book that honestly made me smile and that has honestly made me truly like this book overall.

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Total let down. It just draggggs and isn’t well Written. The twist at the end is lame. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my time or a credit. The narrator was okay.

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Great psychological thriller, whose confined 5-seat space defines every border in which unexplained things happen.

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Morgan S.

This was fine. It had moments that dragged out a lot but there was also times I was genuinely disturbed. Good for putting on as you drift off as long as you don't spook easy :)

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Sarah T.

interesting story, great narration.

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Did not like this book or narrator at all! Boring, drawn out. So many trivial details just made the story long and uninteresting

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This book kept my attention all the way to the end. Wonderful!

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Kirsten A.

Narrator was really good, easily could distinguish between characters! But the book.. not as great.. it had a good plot but the story just kept building and building to an ending that was disappointing. The “twist” comes within the last like two chapters and was easy to guess. If it wasn’t for reading this for a book club, I probably would’ve just given it up about halfway through..

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Osman Raidhan

A great story with lots of character development and twist. Great narration also

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Kept guessing to the very end.

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Nick B.

Good read

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Marija D.

Total disappointment. The story keeps going around in circles, very poorly written.

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