Forever Yours

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
7 hours 44 minutes
Her crush is back. Too bad he's off-limits.

Alyssa thinks she has everything figured out. Varsity cheerleading. Straight A's. Even a date to the upcoming formal. But when Jace Carmichael, the boy she secretly kissed last summer, moves back to town, her life doesn't seem so perfect anymore.

Jace is back in Ridgewater and confident he's over Alyssa. After all, she's moving on with his best friend and doesn't seem to remember their kiss from last summer-the one he hasn't been able to forget. But if she's happy, he's happy. Or so he tells himself.

But when his best friend offers Jace a chance to win her back without ruining their friendship, it's an offer he can't resist. One week to charm Alyssa and if he succeeds, his best friend will step aside. The bet is dumb, but Jace is desperate for a chance at Alyssa's heart. But is taking a chance on love really worth the risk?
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