Fury Storm

Fury Storm

Written by:
A.R. Knight
Narrated by:
Mikhaila Aaseng , Jay Aaseng
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
8 hours 42 minutes
On a fringe planet, Sever Squad makes a last, desperate effort to destroy a deadly horde before it can consume the galaxy.

After licking their wounds, Sever Squad gets a tip telling them to pick up their rifles, their swords, and their ship: the last chance to stop a super soldier project has arrived. Aurora and the other Severs head out to make good on her promise to catch and, if necessary, kill the agent behind it all.

That agent, though, has friends. Sever's old employers see promise in the super soldiers, a chance to take firm control over the galaxy. To get to the agent, Sever's going to have to get through their former friends.

Aurora always believed in fighting for cash, but nobody's paying Sever this time. This last mission? It's personal.

Fury Storm is the action-packed finale to the Sever Squad series, calling the battered fighters in for one last chance to stop what began in Drop Zone. A sci-fi story filled with epic battles fought by compelling characters, Fury Storm is a sequel worth taking for a read.
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