Gastric Band: Gastric Band Hypnosis 2 in 1

Gastric Band: Gastric Band Hypnosis 2 in 1

Written by:
Healthy Living
Narrated by:
Melissa Dionne
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
1 hour 3 minutes
Have you tried diet after diet only to put the pounds right back on?Do you feel like weight loss is a war you'll never win? Then please read this carefully.

If you've ever considered bariatric surgery, then you've probably been advised of the risks. What if we told you that you can reap all the benefits of gastric band surgery without any of the risks at all? You can! Through the power of hypnosis, our narrator will help you relax into a restful, open state and walk your subconscious mind through a gastric band procedure to convince your brain that a band is in place and your stomach is restricted.

Are you ready to take the first step in a weight loss journey that actually works? This audiobook contains not one but two gastric band hypnosis sessions that will help you:

- Feel fuller, sooner!
- Learn to make and even desire healthier food choices
- Train your mind to recognized unhealthy options and reject them
- Rewire the way your brain thinks about portions and meal frequency
- Learn to find healthy rewards that don't add inches back to your waistline
- Curb your sugar and carb cravings
- Change the way you view exercise and get excited about it
- And most importantly, watch your body and stomach shrink!

With the gentle guidance of our narrator, you'll site through two knife-free gastric band procedures that will leave your mind transformed and ready to make all the choices and behavioral changes that will lead to real, fast, lasting change in your body. What are you waiting for?

Watch the pounds melt off as your stomach and waistline shrink before your eyes and welcome a new, healthier you today!

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Katty B.

Really enjoyed listening to these sessions. They were great.

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Mildred H.

First time I’m trying hypnosis. I like to wake up every morning with a mission of sort. My motivation is high thanks to this audiobook.

Profile Avatar
Stacey M.

Would recommend.

Profile Avatar
Chellsea W.

These hypnosis sessions are great. I love the voice of the narrator and how she manages to move up and down with her vocals. Makes the experience complete.

Profile Avatar
Hayley S.

Thank you so much for these great sessions.

Profile Avatar
Bell W.

Very soothing voice. Great narration done by Melissa.

Profile Avatar
Hanna A.

Good sessions.

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