Ginger Pye

Written by:
Eleanor Estes
Narrated by:
Kate Forbes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
5 hours 59 minutes
Ten-year-old Jerry Pye wants a dog more than anything. And not just any dog. He has a puppy all picked out. But someone else wants him, too. So Jerry and his sister must hurry to earn enough money to buy him. When they get Ginger home, strange things start to happen. A sneaky stranger in a yellow hat starts following them everywhere. When their precious Ginger disappears on Thanksgiving Day, they start looking for the man in the yellow hat. If they find him, they'll probably find their pup. Finally, after months of fruitless searching, their determination is rewarded by a stroke of good luck and a gust of wind. Fresh, touching, and unforgettable, this book takes listeners back to a time and place alive with innocence and family tradition. Kate Forbes' lively narration lets listeners see the world through the fresh eyes of a close-knit family enjoying each other through both good times and bad.
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Michael L.

Way way too long with many many digressions. Too many plot holes to keep track of. Might be ok for a bedtime story for toddlers; it is a sure fire sleep inducer.

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