The Girl From Jonestown

Written by:
Sharon Maas

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
13 hours 23 minutes
When journalist Zoe Quint loses her husband and child in a tragic accident, she returns home to Guyana to grieve, but her curiosity leads her to the Americans who have set up camp in a rundown village nearby. Their leader, Jim Jones, dark-eyed and charismatic, claims to be a peaceful man who has promised his followers a paradise. But everything changes when Zoe meets one of his followers, Lucy. Lucy grabs Zoe’s arm, raw terror in her eyes, and passes her a note with a phone number, begging her to call her mother in America. Zoe is determined to help Lucy, but locals warn her to stay away from the camp. She knows they are right, but she can’t shake the frightened woman’s face from her mind. Then she discovers there are young children in the camp, so she acts fast. Zoe’s only route to the lost people is to get close to their leader, Jim Jones. If she is accepted, will she be able to persuade the frightened followers to risk their lives and escape under the cover of darkness? And when Jim Jones hears of her plans, could she pay the highest price of all?
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