The Good House

Written by:
Tananarive Due
Narrated by:
Robin Miles

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2004
21 hours 58 minutes
Tananarive Due, author of The Living Blood (F0061) won the American Book Award and is praised as Stephen King's equal by Publishers Weekly. In The Good House, Due sets a story of ancient powers and modern retribution in a small Pacific Northwest town. When a young woman returns to her grandmother's empty mansion, she is pitted against demonic forces that have poisoned her family for generations.
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Kathi F.

Loved this book! Great characters, good twists, lots of creepy! Will definitely seek out stories by this author

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Debi A.

I loved this book. listening to the family history and all the different things that went on and thinking it would end this way or that and I gotta say I was amazed how it did end. im glad I chose this book. and the narrator was great I loved the different voices she did.

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Tabbitha S.

Tedious, narrator and story.

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craig specht

This has been a very interesting book. It wasn't what I had expected, but I really liked it. It had a very good ending. You have to pay close attention to what's going on. The ending is what really surprised me. I like the book. Great narrator. She did all the characters well!

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One of the best narrators of any audiobook I’ve listened to. Her voices for all of the characters were distinct and embodied their personalities. The story and writing were fantastic too, great pacing and a fascinating take on the haunted house genre.

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Good book and narration

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Joy B.

Excellent narrator but the story could have stood a bit of editing. It went on a little longer than seemed necessary.

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amazing book, kept me thinking the whole time, and really felt the connection between the characters and the outcomes. def worth a listen

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Great book. Couldn’t put it down.

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S Decelles

I wasn't expecting to read a book like this. I found the characters and topics fascinating. The twists and turns and the ending were unexpected. I would like to read more by this author.

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This was one of my favorite audiobooks so far. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters very much.

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