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Greedy: Notes from a Bisexual Who Wants Too Much

Written by:
Jen Winston
Narrated by:
Jen Winston

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
7 hours 30 minutes
Named one of the Best Books of 2021 by Oprah Daily, Glamour, Shondaland, BuzzFeed, and more!

A hilarious and whip-smart collection of essays, offering an intimate look at bisexuality, gender, and, of course, sex. Perfect for fans of Lindy West, Samantha Irby, and Rebecca Solnit—and anyone who wants, and deserves, to be seen.

If Jen Winston knows one thing for sure, it’s that she’s bisexual. Or wait—maybe she isn’t? Actually, she definitely is. Unless…she’s not?

Jen’s provocative, laugh-out-loud debut takes us inside her journey of self-discovery, leading us through stories of a childhood “girl crush,” an onerous quest to have a threesome, and an enduring fear of being bad at sex. Greedy follows Jen’s attempts to make sense of herself as she explores the role of the male gaze, what it means to be “queer enough,” and how to overcome bi stereotypes when you’re the posterchild for all of them: greedy, slutty, and constantly confused.

With her clever voice and clear-eyed insight, Jen draws on personal experiences with sexism and biphobia to understand how we all can and must do better. She sheds light on the reasons women, queer people, and other marginalized groups tend to make ourselves smaller, provoking the question: What would happen if we suddenly stopped?​​

Greedy shows us that being bisexual is about so much more than who you’re sleeping with—it’s about finding stability in a state of flux and defining yourself on your own terms. This book inspires us to rethink the world as we know it, reminding us that Greedy was a superpower all along.
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This is a fantastic memoir; funny, introspective, and really filling a gap in queer literature about the bisexual experience and unique place in the queer community. I feel extremely seen and validated by this book and I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn more about bisexuality and hear Jen's hilarious stories. The string of personal essays that make up this memoir are inventive and engaging, and Jen's writing is smart without being inaccessible -- truly loved it, it flew by in just a couple days of listening!

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Jenny B

this book made me feel seen like I've never felt seen before, a therapy session!

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