Greek Mythology: An Enthralling Overview of Greek Myths, Gods, and Goddesses

Greek Mythology: An Enthralling Overview of Greek Myths, Gods, and Goddesses

Written by:
Enthralling History
Narrated by:
Jay Herbert
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
4 hours 41 minutes
Greek mythology influences us today. For instance, did you know that the famous athletic brand Nike comes from the Greek goddess of victory?

Greek mythology has, without a doubt, some of the most well-known legends in the world. Like most people, the Olympians had their fair share of family drama. This audiobook pays strict attention to the genealogy of the Greek gods and the relationships they had with one another, whether they were good, bad, or incestuous.

These divine beings gifted humanity joy and despair, and the ancient peoples of Greece and other countries related their own world to the actions of the gods. However, the gods and Titans were all corporeal and capable of physical interaction with humanity. They were no different than the dirt on the ground or the clouds in the sky. They could be seen and touched—especially touched, given their numerous children produced from unions with gods and demi-gods alike.

The heavy amount of interaction that humans had with the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology allowed them to make sense of the world order in which they found themselves. It was a constant reminder that all beings in the heavens, earth, and below were all cogs of the same system.

- In this audiobook, you will discover:
- The intriguing relationships between gods, men, demi-gods, and monsters
- The connection between divinity and weakness. Not only men make mistakes; even seemingly perfect beings screw up regularly.
- The importance of love as a guiding force of nature and life in general
- A practical understanding of the motivations of both men and gods behind their less-than-honorable actions
- How hard work might end in tragedy
- The importance of family in Greek mythology
- And much more!

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