Green Mars

Written by:
Kim Stanley Robinson
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2008
27 hours 11 minutes
In Red Mars, Kim Stanley Robinson imagined a near future where humankind established the first colonies on Mars and began to make the planet inhabitable for humans. In this stunning sequel to that Nebula Award-winning novel, Robinson takes the colonization of Mars to a new generation, with a new set of problems and concerns. The initial Martian pioneers had fierce disagreements about how the planet should be used by humans. This led to a war that threatened the lives of billions of people on both Mars and Earth. Now, the second generation of settlers continues the struggle to survive the hostile yet strangely beautiful environment of the red planet. Their decisions and actions will ultimately determine whether Mars will simply be a sanctuary for scientists, a source of raw materials for Earth, or something much more. Richard Ferrone's robust narration of this thrilling, timeless tale captures the fascinating diversity of Robinson's compelling characters, taking listeners to the farthest frontier of humanity's struggle to survive.
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Jacob H.

The book is wonderful, as is the trilogy. But there's a little section (around 22 hours in) which seems to be out of place, and to belong earlier in the story. It makes no sense where it is. I don't have a hard copy of the book, so can't verify this, but I think a tiny bit of garbling/scrambling has taking place where "track 21" starts.

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William T.


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Chris L.

I am absolutely in awe of these books. The science, the politics, the sociology - the scope of the author's imagination is just staggering. Incredible books - I'm on the third book now, and I'm having to limit myself so that it doesn't finish too soon. Without a doubt, the best sci-fi I've ever read.

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Christopher J.

Slightly more dated (Rising sea levels on earth are a major plot point, and explicitly unrelated to global warming lol) than the first book, but fills that esential longing for more when you finish a good book. Splits to more characters than the first book, but keeps to the same pattern, meandering around mars for several deccades, waxing philosophical about the technical and social questions of Martian society in great detail, before culminating in an explosive and long overdue seccond revolution- the outcome of which I won't spoint for you, but you know, there is a third book. The narrator knows how to add subtle queues to a speach pattern rather than forcing weird voices, and all around has the perfect voice for this kind of book. Like your favorite prophessor talking after hours about their hobby.

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