The Grey Men

Written by:
Ralph Hope
Narrated by:
B. J. Harrison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
11 hours 8 minutes
By 1990 the Berlin Wall had fallen and the East German state security service folded. During forty years, they had amassed more than a billion pages in manila files detailing the lives of their citizens. Overnight, almost a hundred thousand Stasi employees, many of them experienced officers with access to highly personal information, found themselves unemployed. This is the story of what they did next. Former FBI Agent Ralph Hope uses critical insider knowledge and access to Stasi records to track and expose ex-officers working everywhere from the Russian energy sector to the police and even the government department tasked with prosecuting Stasi crimes. He examines why the key players have never been called to account and, in doing so, asks whether we have really learned from the past at all. He highlights a man who continued to fight the Stasi for thirty years after the Wall fell, and reveals a truth that many don’t want spoken. The Grey Men comes as an urgent warning from the past at a time when governments the world over are building an unprecedented network of surveillance over their citizens.
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Lisa N.

Fascinating read!

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David A.

Chilling to think the Stassi is now embedded in the CIA, FBI, Twitter and Facebook

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