Healing the Orphaned Heart

Healing the Orphaned Heart

Written by:
Rebecca Lange
Narrated by:
Emma Faye
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
8 hours 0 minutes
A move across the country... A dowry that turns into a curse... A marshal that captures her heart...

After losing her mother at the tender age of five, all Rose wanted was the love of her father, not his money or the prominence in society that came with his name. But instead of reaching out and giving her the love and affection she so desperately needed, her father drowned his grief in his work, leaving Rose to the care of his servants and staff.

Rose grows into a beautiful and feisty yet serious young woman, but no matter how hard she tries to ignore the emptiness in her heart, it remains. Then, at her father’s untimely death, Rose is sent from the only home she has ever known in Boston to live with her uncle and his family, whom she hasn’t seen in over twelve years.

Terrified of the reception she’ll receive, Rose makes the journey alone and quickly realizes that her late father’s wealth has made her a target for not just journalists with an eye toward revenge but dowry hunters everywhere.

Will her relatives in Colorado take her in with open arms, or was this arrangement forced on them, and would it turn into another disappointment? And, is Rose’s future already sealed by a parade of lies, or is there hope for a happy ending and the healing of her orphaned heart?
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