Healing Your Body Mind and Soul

Written by:
Sylvia Browne
Narrated by:
Sylvia Browne

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 1998
1 hour 18 minutes
On this fascinating, inspirational, and often humorous audio program-recorded live-the incomparable Sylvia Browne explains how you can heal your body, mind, and soul by reprogramming your cell memory, virtually eliminating your physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Sylvia talks about how you can take an active role in healing and protecting yourself. Some of the issues she addresses are:
-Physical/emotional challenges: When it comes to healing, it's necessary to heal yourself as a complete entity. If you have problems with your heart, think about who 'broke' it. If you think someone in your life is a 'pain in the neck,' watch out for neck pains sometime in the near future. You literally create your own challenges by what you tell your cells-and by what your doctors tell you ('you've got a 24-hour virus'). So tell your cells positive, productive things, and don't believe negative statements that affect your consciousness!
-God: Every morning when you get up, surround yourself with white light-with God's love. Tell your cells, 'I release all negativity from past lives, and I want to live my life spiritually and unfettered.' Also, don't blame God for your problems-you're the one who wrote the script for this life-abuse, bad relationships, poor health, and all. God doesn't judge you, so stop believing in a nasty, vengeful, cranky God-He is all-perfect and all-good.
-Forgiveness: Eject your old negative tapes and replace them with positive thoughts and images. Start by forgiving yourself; allow yourself to be human.
Sylvia then has you join her in a powerful healing meditation. She advises you to tell your cells: 'I'm healing my mind, body, and spirit. I'm doing God's work, and all my negative issues-even those from past lives-are falling away.' Tell your cells to function the way they're supposed to. You are the commander of your own ship, and no one can penetrate it except God's love.
Sylvia concludes the program by engaging in a lively question-and-answer session with the audience on a variety of topics.
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