Heaven and Hell: My Life In The Eagles

Written by:
Don Felder
Narrated by:
Charlie Thurston

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
12 hours 41 minutes
The Eagles are the bestselling, and arguably the tightest-lipped, American group ever. Now band member and guitarist Don Felder finally breaks the Eagles’ years of public silence to take fans behind the scenes. He shares every part of the band’s wild ride, from the pressure-packed recording studios and trashed hotel rooms to the tension-filled courtrooms and from the joy of writing powerful new songs to the magic of performing in huge arenas packed with roaring fans.
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Dawn D.

Great story from a great point of view. Felder tells it like it is from his humble and gracious perspective. A heartwarming story of a little boy who made it big.

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A really open and detailed story of one of the most important bands of the '70's. Felder--a tremendously underrated guitar player--doesn't hold anything back. Spoiler Alert: Glenn Frey and Don Henley do NOT come off well in this story. While, I suspect that Felder's complaint's are probably both accurate and justified, to me, he seemed to paint himself as an innocent surrounded by greedy, hedonistic, egomaniacs. So, while I give the book five stars, I will say that it does come off at times as a bit self-serving.

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Linda F

The Eagles were and always will be my favorite band. I love their music, guitar licks and solos, and especially their harmonies. Don Felder’s account of life and work with them reveals things we did not know. It was truly an interesting and heartbreaking experience. While it makes me sad for the way Don, Randy and Bernie were treated, the music is truly amazing. The narrator, Charlie Thurston, did an awesome job of being Don’s voice. He made it seem like Don himself was sitting on my couch, telling me his stories.

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