How to Attract Good Luck: The Unparalled Classic on Lucky Living

Written by:
Ahz Carr
Narrated by:
Mitch Horowitz

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2017
0 hours 53 minutes
Can luck be learned? Absolutely-discover how in this special condensation of the landmark book on how to cultivate good fortune.

A.H.Z. Carr's How to Attract Good Luck is not about carrying a rabbit's foot, or winning at games of chance. Rather it is a workable, practical program for increasing luck in all areas of your life, from career to relationships.

Introduced and narrated by New Thought historian Mitch Horowitz, this Condensed Classic demonstrates:

• How to spot chance events that can help you.
• What kind of personality attracts good luck.
• How to select lucky friends and acquaintances.
• How to read cycles of luck.
• How to make the most of lucky breaks.

The Condensed Classics Library: 40 Minutes to a New You
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