How to Listen to God

Written by:
Charles F. Stanley
Narrated by:
Steven Grimsley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
4 hours 42 minutes
Every day, we hear dozens of outside opinions: from our spouses and our family members to our coworkers and our church community, but how can we shift our focus away from the clamor of other voices so we don't miss what God is trying to tell us?

How to Listen to God helps you distinguish God's voice from all the rest. Bestselling author Dr. Charles Stanley shares the lessons he's learned on his own journey to listening to the God who wants to communicate personally with you, including:

- How God gets your attention
- Four ways God speaks to you
- The importance of your own spiritual mindset
- Scriptural guidelines for recognizing God's voice
- The joys and fruits from listening to God
- Ten hindrances to hearing God

Along the way, you'll learn firsthand that just a few minutes of sitting before the God who speaks can transform a life, refocus a mind, and reset purpose and direction for eternity. The sad heart is cheered, the confused mind is ordered, the pessimistic outlook is eliminated, the lonely spirit is befriended, the rebellious will is subdued, and the drifting seeker is made steadfast.

Join Dr. Stanley as he shows us that we've never been more equipped to confidently hear from God. How to Listen to God will teach you that God's voice waits to be heard and, when we've finally heard it, we're launched into the greatest, most exciting adventure we could ever imagine.
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Nicole Hagel

excellent book!

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