How To Win Friends And Influence People: A Condensation From The Book

Written by:
Dale Carnegie
Narrated by:
Jason McCoy

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2013
0 hours 44 minutes
Gain insight into handling difficult people; Discover the keys to popularity; How young people can look for a job; & What employers want in their employees.
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Jemma Wolfe

A great condensation! No need for a longer take on the material - all the essential elements from the unabridged text are covered. Good narration, too. Totally worth the credit.

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hyou zan ren

this is one of best condensed audiobooks! the narrator also do a great job reading this great book!

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Charles W.

Good way to review the original

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Jack C

Really good! Concise but interesting and applicable!

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John A

Lots of good info on how to get along with people

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Lyly G

Can't get enough of this amazing book. Got in physical form, cassette and disk and now on my mobile. Thank you!

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Ericka Payne

Good listen!

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Jose Arvizu Avila

Another great book that has made me realize so much. I have never thought this this was but I definitely agree that we all strive for attention and we sometimes try to talk only about ourselves. I really can relate and I have learned i love this book for teaching me so much in less than an hour.

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Harumi Kato

This book was originally published many decade ago, but it taught me that the principal of effective communication is still works Universally, especially in the Western culture.

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Kristina McKeever

A very powerful self help/personal development book that will benefit your networking skills as well. I plan to listen to this periodically as a refresher because the repetition is good for setting the belief! Highly recommended!

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Asef Rahman

Very informative, wish I heard about this book earlier !

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Stig Ernsund

This book is absolutely a gold mine when it comes to the subjects the title is aiming at. I have behaved myself in many of the ways the book is talking about with good results before I even know about the book. The narrator is talking with a clear voice and in an engaged manner. A summary of the book is optimal for me, since I'm not so interested in details about historical persons which I don't about. Moreover, I think it's easier in this way to get an overview of the books themes and even to implement the very clever advices.

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