Hygge: Learn The Secrets Of Danish Art Of Happiness And Coziness

Written by:
Julia Laraine
Narrated by:
Barbara Albert

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
3 hours 0 minutes
Would you like to reduce or completely get rid of daily stress and anxiety?
Or maybe, you already heard about the Hygge lifestyle, and now you want to try it yourself?
If at least one of these questions got your attention, then keep reading…
“HYGGE” – an audiobook that will change your approach of life and will allow you to discover your true dreams and desires.
It is really difficult in today’s world to live a quality life full of happiness, coziness, and inner peace. It is almost impossible to find a plan or a guide that would cover every single detail and allow you to make correct choices for your ultimate happiness, but Hygge comes really close to that. Personal life, carrier, business, nutrition, children, home, friends, family, just a general way of living life while making your own choices – that is Hygge.
Hygge is a Danish lifestyle that will tell you how much you truly need to feel driven and fulfilled emotionally and physically. In this guide, you will find coverage of every aspect of Hygge in every detail and all different approaches explained according to your current situation.
Here are a few specific things you will learn out of this audiobook:
• Three things that describe Hygge lifestyle
• How to configure your home the Hygge way?
• Six ways to embrace Hygge
• Must to know Rules of a lifestyle for ultimate happiness
• Self-identification guide (find the best way to approach Hygge)
• The Secret of Hygge, what makes it so special?
• Much more…
Now it is time for you to make a decision and take your life into your own hands!
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