Hyperspace War: Tears of the Sun: A Military Sci-fi Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
11 hours 48 minutes
The Archimedes system is in flames.
There is nothing but death and destruction between the fleets of the Union, the Earth Protectorate, and the Locusts.
While Pascal fights for survival on DeGaulle's orbital ring, his SenseNet message reaches the colonies.
Alpha is not unaware of his ruse and soon decides it's time to reshuffle the deck.
Meanwhile, aboard the battleship UNS WizKid, Jeremy, Macella, Felicity and Walter try to keep their Diplomatic Conclave passengers at bay, who seem to have an agenda all their own. Their target is the Neuromorph and only his death seems to make an alliance of humans and aliens possible.
Book four of a new military science fiction adventure from bestseller Joshua T. Calvert. Aliens, war, and a captain who will stop at nothing to defend his people, this is sci-fi the way it's meant to be!
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