I Shall Live: Surviving the Holocaust Against All Odds

Written by:
Henry Orenstein
Narrated by:
Henry Orenstein

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2013
11 hours 40 minutes
I Shall Live tells the gripping true story of a Jewish family in Germany and Russia as the Nazi party gains power in Germany. When Henry Orenstein and his siblings end up in a series of concentrations camps, Orenstein's bravery and quick thinking help him to save himself and his brothers from execution by playing a role in the greatest hoax ever pulled on the upper echelons of Nazi command. Orenstein's lucid prose recreates this horrific time in history and his constant struggle for survival as the Nazis move him and his brothers through five concentration camps. His description of their roles in the fake Chemical Commando sheds new light on an incredible and generally unknown event in the history of the Holocaust. This edition of I Shall Live contains new evidence about this false Commando, including letters signed to and from Himmler himself.
Orenstein, aside from being a Holocaust survivor, has made a name for himself as a toymaker who called for the production of Transformers, as well as a poker player.
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Louise P.

This book is SENSATIONAL!!!! The narration by the man himself made it so so much more personal. I do a lot of reading, and this is my best book of the year, so far. It's now December!

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Michael W.

very good book. I was very excited to listen to this. I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to have background music playing why the man reads. sometimes you cannot hear him well over the stupid symphony music in the background. other than that it was great

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A must read!

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Christian V.

Time very well sent listening to this book. Great to have the author narrating it. Of course a terribly sad story but somehow a tale of survival against all the odds

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Krista D.

The book is really long so it takes a while to get through. It’s really in depth on the family’s survival story and some parts are harrowing but brutally honest. It’s incredible the survival story and the love the family shared for one another. It’s worth listening too but it’s not an easy listen because of the subject matter. After listening you’ll know you can survive anything if they could survive all they went through.

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Philip H.

Very interesting and sad story and hard to believe how heartless people can be to others. At least a few times the author describes good people who helped at the risk of their lives. Depressing stories are difficult to read, but important to publish.

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Sad to say that I appreciated listening to this personal account. Good job by all.

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Listening to this book was compulsive. I couldn't wait for a spare moment in my days to put it on and listen. His story is one of incredible survival, smarts and resilience. I also love that it is read by the author, it made the words so much more real.

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Very moving book. Disturbingly descriptive, and gut wrenching. Highly recommend.

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Lauren C.

While the production level on this book is not up to par with most books on this site, the story - read by the author - is amazing. Ignore the production level and just imagine that you're sitting next to him hearing his amazing journey and enjoy hearing him turn the pages as he reads. Would definitely recommend.

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James S.

I really enjoyed the book. I almost was going to try to get a refund for it because the narrator has a soft monotone (had to crank the volume up a few times) that put me to sleep, but the story became too engrossing. I have a 40-minute commute and began to look forward to driving, so I could listen more.

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John M.

Powerful story... To think that people had to endure the misery of those camps is astounding to me. I cannot wrap my mind around the bravery and fortitude Henry and his fellow prisoners must have had. Thank you for telling this story!!

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A great book that presents a very personal accountvof surviving the holocaust featuring plenty of anecdotes that are rarely mentioned by other authors. Great work.

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Susan H.

Wonderfully done. I could do without the music playing over the narration.

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beth holzhauser

At times, the narrator/author seems to struggle with wording and you can hear the pages turning. Also, loud music is used to denote the chapters end/beginning. Very annoying!

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