I Wonder

Written by:
Nathan Aaseng
Narrated by:
Jay Aaseng

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
6 hours 18 minutes
Many Christian leaders today promote rigid doctrine that says, “Never doubt. Never question.” This insistence has been disastrous for the Christian faith because the first step in any faith formation is to wonder, to splutter out honest 'God questions' that many of us harbor but rarely have been given permission to explore.
I Wonder welcomes honest, unsettling questions, many of which have come young people and confirmation students, that are too often dismissed with pat answers. It urges us to set aside prepackaged, defensive, prideful explanations of what God is doing in the world while it revives and celebrates the gift of wonder in seeking a fuller, more awesome experience of God. The author uses his experience as scientist, pastor, author, and father to explore such questions as:
If God is real, why doesn’t God prove it once and for all?
Does God really know all that’s going to happen?
Does Lady Luck work for God?
Does God have ego issues?
Everyone who has ever been prayed for is either dead or will die. How then does faith heal?
Weaving together story, life experience, science, humor, and hope, I Wonder never talks down to readers as it stitches together a quilt of Christianity that pointedly rejects the easy answers of popular religion, while faithfully and joyfully lifting up the God of grace.
I Wonder invites all readers to explore as equals on a joyfulNever preachy
joyful encounter with grace of God
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