In In the Time of the Butterflies

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2007
13 hours 24 minutes
It is November 25, 1960, and the bodies of three beautiful, convent-educated sisters have been found near their wrecked Jeep at the bottom of a 150-foot cliff on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. El Caribe, the official newspaper, reports their deaths as an accident. It does not mention that a fourth sister lives. Nor does it explain that the sisters were among the leading opponents of Gen. Raphael Leonidas Trujillo's dictatorship. It doesn't have to. Everyone knows of Las Mariposas - 'The Butterflies.' Now, three decades later, Julia Alvarez, also a daughter of the Dominican Republic and long haunted by these sisters, immerses us in a tangled and dangerous moment in Hispanic Caribbean history to tell their story in the only way it can truly be understood - through fiction. In this brilliantly characterized novel, the voices of all four sisters - Minerva, Patria, Maria Teresa, and Dede - speak across the decades, to tell their own stories - from hair ribbons to gunrunning to prison torture - and to describe the everyday horrors of life under Trujillo's rule.
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I found this a moving story and the timing to read perfect due to the current circumstances in America. It holds insights, warnings, and hope. I love that it tells of a real time period

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Juju G.

This book was absolutely a great read. Love the different perspectives of each character. Love the voices, it kept me engaged! I hope they redo the movie!

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Vanessa S.

An emotional piece that made me addicted to listening!!!

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Aven F.

such important history to know, especially for Americans

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Monica Z.

Exceptional book. So inspiring and moving. The narration was great, they used different narrators for the 4 different POVs in the book, which was great for listening and distinguishing. A very lovely read!

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Deanna S.

Awful! And the narrator sounds like she is chewing!!! So much saliva in her high pitched tone.

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