Islam: A Short History

Written by:
Karen Armstrong
Narrated by:
Richard M. Davidson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2005
6 hours 42 minutes
Best-selling author and renowned religious scholar Karen Armstrong presents a concise and articulate history of Islam, the world's fastest-growing faith. Beginning with the Prophet Muhammad's flight from Medina and concluding with an examination of modern Islamic practices and concerns, Armstrong delivers an unbiased overview. She contends that no religion is more feared and misunderstood by the Western world as Islam, and firmly challenges the notion that these two civilizations are on a collision course.
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Virginia M

Thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was a nice tie into my summer 'trilogy'...The History of Iran (mega book, begins at 600 B.C.), and All the Shah's Men. These three together made for a nice primer on an area of the world I want to know more about. So glad I read all three. The Persian culture is made of a beautiful, passionate people with an amazing, long history. Shame on so many cultures who took advantage of this agrarian society for way too many decades/centuries!

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Alaa Ali

Beautiful book. Gives you a brief description of the last 1400 years. As if someone is looking from above and watching these human movements, describing the rise and fall of different empires in a wonderful way. Thanks Karen Armstrong

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Asim Rub

The book covered a long period of Islamic history from the time or prophet Muhammad to present day Islam and it covered quite a few difficult topics and overall a well-researched book. While reading the book I would Google and research on each topic which was mentioned in the book and every topic is like an ocean with tremendous depth and bringing it all in a single book is commendable. Pronunciation of Arabic and Muslim names in narration is how a westerner will pronounce but not entirely correct. Overall good narration with a strong voice.

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Bushra Rehman

As a Muslim, I thought it might be interesting to listen to a historical book about my religion. However, the book was pretty boring. Lacking many specific details, it didn't hold my attention past a couple of hours. It's written in a high academic tone so you better be able to understand uncommonly used words. The narration's voice is fine but some things are pronounced with incorrect emphasis on the wrong letters. I had to wonder at times what he was saying in a word.

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