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Just Exes

Written by:
Charity Ferrell
Narrated by:
Aaron Shedlock , Samantha Cook

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
7 hours 27 minutes
Lauren: Running into an ex you haven't seen in nearly a decade is never a good time. Running into your ex while he's arresting you is humiliating. The handcuffs close around my fists at the same time he promises to hate me until he takes his last breath. I can't blame him. He pleaded for me not to walk away. He doesn't know leaving him broke my heart as much as it did his. It wasn't for me. Rather, it was for someone else.

Gage: I skipped town after Hurricane Lauren obliterated my heart. Coming home was a hard choice to make. Arresting her isn't. She has no idea of the demons I carry with me now. No idea that I'm a new man. Two women ruined me. One I gave my heart to. The other punished me for it.

Contains mature themes.
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