Kincaid: Cerberus MC Book 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
7 hours 45 minutes
I am Emmalyn Mikaelson.

My husband, in a rage, hit me in front of the wrong person. Diego, or Kincaid to most, beat the hell out of him for it. I left with Diego anyway. Even though he could turn on me just like my husband did, I knew I had a better chance of survival with Diego. That was until I realized Kincaid could hurt me so much worse than my husband ever could. Physical pain pales in comparison to troubles of the heart.

I am Diego 'Kincaid' Anderson.

She was a waitress at a bar in a bad situation. I brought her to my clubhouse because I knew her husband would kill her if I didn't. Now she has my protection and that of the Cerberus MC. I never expected her to become something more to me. I was in more trouble than I've ever been in before, and that's saying a lot considering I served eight years in the Marine Corp with Special Forces.

Contains mature themes.
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Good story about domestic abuse and an MC.

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The Heidi

The best MC romance I've heard by far. I'm not reserved for the long run but most MC books are to much of the Hero going "I'll F anybody I want to" nope this one he falls in love almost instantly. So the club slut gets put in her place. Also I love the rescuing her from him stories along with military. So this had the best from all 3 worlds to me.

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Ashante Williams

Not at all what I expected for an MC book but it was so good.

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Holly Leach

Meh. Started out with potential, but fell flat for me. Not enough action or violence for an MC romance. Abused h? She recovers PDQ... Sparse character development. The husband wasn't even mentioned again until chapter 37! Struggled to finish.

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