Last Scene Alive

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2009
7 hours 0 minutes
From the New York Times bestselling author of Dead Over Heels and the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Roe is still in mourning over her husband's death when a movie company arrives in Lawrenceton. They've come to make a film based on a book written by her one-time boyfriend Robin Crusoe, a book that detailed their shared investigation of a series of murders that occurred years before. But when the lead actress-who is playing Roe-is killed, Robin and Roe join forces once again to thwart a killer, without knowing that Roe herself is the next target.
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Cheryl T.

I enjoy the books far more than the hall mark movie version. The characters are full. Aurora has desires.

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Jennifer G.

Honestly some of the main characters comments or descriptions of circumstances are so ridiculous and immature I could hardly continue to listen to the book.

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elle nelson

i enjoyed this book. story was interesting , the narration was easy to listen to .

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I enjoy all the Teagarden books

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Jane Abbott

This is a great series

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Louise McCartney

A good solid story, quite a few twists & turns. Nice to see a change in the character that befits her circumstances. Great narration.

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Carôle C.

This is starting to feel a little like Murder She Wrote. Every further tale and murderous incident seems to revolve around Aurora Teagarden. In the meantime, she herself is changing in character from the innocence of book one, to the coolness of this one. Obviously her life experiences have brought about the change, so it’s plausible, but not very likeable (for me). The advantage of this audiobook is that you get information on the next book. I don’t think that I’ll bother with it. Roe should carry a hazardous warning sign.

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