Law of the Jungle #2

Law of the Jungle #2

Written by:
Vasily Mahanenko
Narrated by:
Diontae Black
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
7 hours 54 minutes
The law of the jungle declares: it's every man for himself! This principle applies not only to the human world, but also the domain of their greatest adversaries—the demons.

Their world's Tier Zero differs little from the Tier Zero of the human world. The resources are just as scarce, the creatures just as vicious, and the absence of law just as blatant.

Yet the Heavens show no mercy when the push comes to shove. When it's time to conquer the Tier Zero of an alien world, retreat is not an option. For the privilege of ascending to immortality is reserved only for the strong.
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