[Spanish] - Learn Spanish: Spanish for Beginners, 3 in 1

[Spanish] - Learn Spanish: Spanish for Beginners, 3 in 1

Written by:
Spanish Academy
Narrated by:
Luna Sanches , Leandro Bianco
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
12 hours 4 minutes
Looking for a Spanish book?Do you want to learn Spanish very fast?If so, this bundle is for you.

Most people approach a new language completely wrong. They focus way to much on grammar and learn irrelevant words. Think about it, do you really need to know what a e.g. Chimney is called in Spanish? No - Of course not. That's why it's so strange why most programs/books focus on teaching material, that you will never use.

According to us, it is much better to learn what is actually relevant to be able to communicate. Do you agree with this notion that it's great to learn stuff you will use vs not?

If so, this Spanish series was created for you!

The strategy in this audibook series is highly effective. Without giving away to much information, the strategy is built around human biology and socialization, which you are familiar with...

You will tap into learning skills you don't know you have! As a result, you'll be speaking and writing Spanish in no time!

This Bundle consist of the three books in the series Learn Spanish where you will:

- Learn the 1000 most relevant and used words in the Spanish language
- Learn how to ask more than 200 questions.
- How to respond to those questions
- Over 800 Spanish phrases
- Fundamental Grammar
- Conjugation (Present, Past & future tense)
- Nouns
- Adjectives
- How to rehearse effectively with fun and engaging exercises
- Learn how you should pronounce phrases with a pure latin american accent.

If you want your Spanish to be good enough for you to communicate with native speakers, then make a smart decision and purchase this bundle right now!

Don’t wait any longer. Scroll up and purchase it now to hijack your learning curve.
Profile Avatar
Heather J.

Impossible to learn from this audio book. There is no context to the words or grouping. Just random words with no definition and the narrator is hard to understand at times.

Profile Avatar
Robert L.

This bundle helped a lot in terms of teaching good words but also the sequence in which everything was taught.

Profile Avatar
Hugo H.

Perfect to listen 30 minutes per day. I learn quickly.

Profile Avatar
Roxanne R.

Loved it.

Profile Avatar
Terry T.

Graciás por todo!

Profile Avatar
Johnny B.

Feel that I can have a conversation with anyone at this point. Exciting, even though it’s a very basic conversation.

Profile Avatar

I feel confident in my own ability to have a conversation with a native Spanish speaker now

Profile Avatar
Alice G.

I improved a lot.

Profile Avatar
Yvonne B.

Good Bundle.

Profile Avatar

Excited to go on vacation to Spain now!

Profile Avatar
Kimberly A.

This bundle helped both me and my significant other to become good at speaking and writing in the Spanish language.

Profile Avatar
Dale O.

Finally know the different tenses and how to conjugate the verbs correctly

Profile Avatar
Violet B.

After going through this bundle, I can confidently say that you will become better in the Spanish language. Especially your oral abilities.

Profile Avatar

Travelled around in South America with this bundle with me. Helped me in countless ways.

Profile Avatar
Vicki R.

Amazing bundle that taught me a lot. I feel proficient in the Spanish language now.

Profile Avatar
Joe H.

The accent of the narrator was so heavy I had trouble understanding his pronunciation of the the English word I was trying to learn in Spanish.

Profile Avatar
Kate A.

After listening to this Spanish bundle for quite some time I feel like I've learned a lot. I'm getting more and more confident in my ability to have a meaningful conversation with people. I like it very much and I like that I can use this to learn at my own pace and whenever I want to! Great for learning Spanish in the car or on the subway!

Profile Avatar
Ashley C.

Exciting! I'm starting to feel like I can have a pretty good conversation with people now! Basic conversations but still meaningful ones. Enjoyed this Spanish bundle!

Profile Avatar

Great Spanish Audiobook for me who is a beginner! I've almost learned all 1000 words and a lot of the Spanish phrases! I'm getting there step by step every day! :)

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