Lighting The Way

Written by:
Glenda C. Manus
Narrated by:
Cody Roberts

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2019
8 hours 15 minutes
It's the Christmas season and storefront displays, twinkling Christmas trees, and busy shoppers liven up Main Street as Park Place, South Carolina, prepares for its most exciting season of the year. Christmas parades, candle lit street lamps, and children's Christmas pageants pump up the holiday spirit, but not everyone in town is celebrating.

Maria drifts into Park Place trying to escape an abusive husband. Broken in body and spirit, at first her goal is just to survive and protect the baby she's carrying, but as she's slowly introduced to the good people of this small Southern town, she comes to believe that kindness and compassion can lead her out of the darkness of her former life. Just as she seems to overcome the obstacles, she's once again gripped by fear when she spots her husband's car in town. How did he find her and what will she have to do to protect herself?

Rev Rock and his faithful flock of Presbyterians in the little church with a bell tower help make this a Christmas story Maria will never forget.
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