Little America: Incredible True Stories of Immigrants in America

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
4 hours 4 minutes
'Given how much we loved the TV mini-series version of Little America, it’s only natural that we’re jumping at the chance to cry even more with this new audiobook collecting the true stories that inspired the Apple Original Series...Stock up on tissues for this must-listen audiobook.' — Paste

From the pages of Epic magazine come the true stories that Inspired the Apple Original Series.

This program includes a foreword written and read by Kumail Nanjiani

Nearly everyone in America came from somewhere else. This is a fundamental part of the American idea—an identity and place open to everyone. People arrive from all points distant, speaking a thousand languages, carrying every culture, each with their own reason for uprooting themselves to try something new.

Everyone has their own unique story. Little America is a collection of those stories, told by the people who lived them. Together, they form a wholly original, at times unexpected portrait of America’s immigrants—and thereby a portrait of America itself.

This program is read by Kumail Nanjiani, Vikas Adam, Ramon de Ocampo, Je Nie Fleming, Matt Godfrey, Lamarr Gulley, Deepti Gupta, Vanessa Marroquin, Natalie Naudus, and Natasha Soudek.

A Macmillan Audio production from MCD

'A cast of diverse narrators lend their voices to telling the remarkable stories of modern American immigrants...These stories are funny, tragic, inspirational, and entirely original, just like the people who tell them.' -- AudioFile Magazine
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