The Lonesome Gun

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
9 hours 31 minutes
Good Samaritan gunslinger Perley Gates returns for a new action-packed adventure from legendary national bestselling Western authors William W. Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone set in historic Texas.

Perley's elder brother, Rubin, who manages the Triple-G Ranch decides to try breeding some Hereford cattle with the ranch's longhorns. He asks Perley to deliver the contract for the Herefords, a simple task. But nothing ever remains simple when Perley is involved. And for the reluctant fast gun, it means a nightmare journey through hell itself . . .

The trouble starts when Perley and his sidekick, Possum, meet some damsels in distress-a lovely group of saloon girls with a broken wagon wheel. Being a good Samaritan, Perley feels honor-bound to help them. But when the travelers cross paths with an ornery gang of vicious outlaws, things turn deadly-and fast. It only gets worse from there, for Perley agrees to escort them to Nacogdoches-next to Angelina County, a section of which is infested with a special breed of vermin known as the Tarpley family. And this corrupt clan has a gunslinger-who'd love nothing more than to take down a living legend like Perley Gates . . .
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Larry L.

I loved the story but J. A. Johnstone takes to long to come up with the next chapter. His books are awesome I love all of them.

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