Long Shadows

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
12 hours 4 minutes
The latest riveting thriller in David Baldacci's #1 New York Times bestselling Memory Man series. 
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Patricia A V.

The Memory Man series were the first books I read by David Baldacci. I enjoyed each book very much as individual stories and as a continuation of the series. The characters are very well developed, if quirky people. I really love these books for the varied stories they tell and the locations the stories are set in. “Long Shadows”, the latest (2022) in the series is a wonderful addition to the series with several well drawn sub-plots, advances in the storyline that are interesting and make me just need to see what happens next. Amos is joined by a new partner, Freddie, and that added some depth to this book. I give this book a 10! The narrators are excellent and work together so well that they really bring the book to life. I really hope I’m wrong about this but it seemed like Mr. Baldacci was bringing this series to a close. He didn’t close the door and lock it but he tied up enough loose ends to let it stand. I hope I can read more stories about Amos Decker in the next year or two.

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Jack B.

What you'd expect

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One of my favorite books!

It was sooooo boring. I tried to finish the book but was unsuccessful. I listen to a lot of books and this is one of the worst.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed every Amos Decker title, listening or in print. although any title can be read-alone, there are small details in the storylines that makes them worth listening to in order. I miss (his first partner) Alex Jameson's character, but his current partner is an interesting and intriguing woman. The narration is well done and is at a very nice pace. Choosing this title is well worth the credit.

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This was a good one, lots of twists and turns. Looking forward y to o the next one

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This was a great book! Enjoyed it all. Highly recommend it

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As always, Amos Decker and his cohorts are tasked with an impossible-to-solve crime, and the story unfolds through all the twists and unexpected turns that fans come to expect from DB. The author’s mind must be a fascinating place to poke and prod so nice his books never disappoint.

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Laura E.

Baldacci never disappoints

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Margaret C.

I love the Decker books please keep him going

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Suzanne T.

Love the Amos Decker books. This one was great just like the others. Love the Narrator for these books also. Fast pace, and story line.

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Ronald L.

Very Good Book!

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Another great installments of the Amos Decker series. I couldn't stop listening!

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Donald W.

Boring and political….could only get halfway through it….

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Linda S.

This book in the series is excellent. It is more like the first 3, creative mystery, solved superbly, keeping the listener engaged. I was worried with the last two which seemed a little disjointed. However thus was excellent, would recommend it.

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great book

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Baldacci never disappoints!

Long Shadows
This title is due for release on October 11, 2022.

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Long Shadows
This title is due for release on October 11, 2022
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Long Shadows
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Long Shadows

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