The Lost Prophet

Written by:
Robert Storey
Narrated by:
Gildart Jackson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
21 hours 36 minutes
There's something they missed . . . and it's almost here.

Newly elected president John Harrison Henry is fighting to save the nation from nefarious forces that are hell-bent on chaos and destruction. Whilst a brave few fight against the might of the Global Meteor Response Council that rules the world with an iron fist, in distant lands old forces shift and new powers arise, for word has it that something is coming that is going to change everything . . .

I like it so much but the end of the story... I hope is not the end!!!

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Brad M.

I really enjoyed the whole series. I like where the last book took this. Made for an interesting twist and thoughtful ending.

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Monotonous repetitive belongs in New age religious genre instead of scifi

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Really enjoyed this series wish unfortunate that there will be no more in the series with the death of the author

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I do not know know about everyone else, but I cannot get enough of this series! Every character's background is so immersive and the narrator does an amazing job differentiating the voices to give each character their own identity. I'm currently on the last book and cannot believe I'm almost at the end. unfortunately, Mr. Story has passed away and there will not be another book, so I will savor this last one. It does make you think of the unknowns and covered up past we may never see in the world...

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Kimberly C.

I think the author is deeply disturbed.

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Yolanda V.

I enjoyed this series very much.

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Darlene S.

I was disappointed with the last book ... I was hoping for a more clear ending ...the first books were so good ... I didn't have a problem with the religious aspect.... just thought it was all over the place ..

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