Lotto God's Idea!

Narrated by:
Christian Moore

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
4 hours 44 minutes
This book unfolds the truth about the original idea for lotto participation. It has been said that the truth is always the original idea of the manufacturer; hence, God is the manufacturer of lotto participation for the nation of Israel and the body of Christ. My years of research have been a rediscovery of the casting of lots (lotto) derived from the Bible. The apostles prayed and casted lots to determine God's will. Lottery was not solely for Old Testament saints but also for New Testament believers as evidenced by scriptures. This book unfolds the possibility that in the world today one can know the outcome of the lottery drawing by divine revelation of the Holy Spirit as they did of old. This book also unfolds the difference in playing lottery (gambling) versus knowing lottery from the Lord's point of view.
Rev. Doctor Artie C. Bethea, ambassador for Christ, and the Kingdom of God. Married to Patricia. Fathered, one daughter, 4 sons and 40 foster teenagers. Holds a doctorate degree from Rebirth Bible College and Seminary, Durham, NC. Former local Pastor within the Soul Saving Station Christ Crusaders of America and former local Bishop of the Church of God in Christ international, founder of Word Revival Christ Ministries an Evangelical outreach spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom in the United State Churches. Teaching ministry through radio television Broadcasting. Traveled to India, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Oman, throughout Central and South America continuing proclaiming and explaining Jesus Christ assignment; 'This' gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then the end shall come. Current assignment as an author of the book Lotto God's Idea.
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