Love, Honor, Betray

Written by:
Mary Monroe

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
10 hours 38 minutes
Award-winning New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe delivers the latest thrillingly scandal-filled novel in her Depression-era saga of a church-going lady and her oh-so-upstanding husband racing to cover up their many sins—and gambling on one scheme too many …

With mysterious serial murders putting peaceful Lexington, Alabama, on edge, Jessie and Hubert Wiggins’ steadfast calm and devotion to each other reassures everyone that faith will see them through. But Jessie and Hubert have paid a terrible hidden cost to maintain their devout facade and respectable standing.
Nothing can allay the guilt they feel—or stop the growing distrust between them …

Hubert thought he and his secret lover, Leroy, could continue seeing each other on the down-low in peace. But when Leroy’s ex-wife moves back in with him, a heartbroken Hubert is driven to distraction trying to keep Jessie in the dark—and quell his mounting jealousy. And his need for satisfaction is driving Hubert
to reckless extremes—and desperate risks …

Jessie believes the struggles between her and Hubert will all be worth it if she can connive him to finally consummate their marriage—no matter what she has to do. But his erratic behavior and her frustration soon has her trying yet another new lover, who is as charming as he is unreliable—and unexpectedly dangerous …

Now with their secrets out of control—and the police perilously near—Jessie and Hubert discover who might be behind the deaths plaguing their town. But can they risk a pursuit that could expose their own web of lies? When their only choice pits them and their suspicions against each other, their next move will either
bury their deceptions deep for good—or reveal the one truth they can’t escape …
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Latoya L.

Jessie and Hubert Wiggins’ are back at it again with their Shenanigans. I tell you what Mary Monroe does not disappoint when it comes to her books. She knows how to pick up and keep the story going. So they got away with killing, but the secrets and lies come to the light during this book. The facade of a perfect marriage was just that.... Huberts secret lover dies, and then and only then he confesses his dealings and the real reason behind his manhood issues. Jessie isn't innocent either. Her miscarriage was never a thing because they never slept together, nor was she ever pregnant....Chile the drama in this one. They decided to come clean about their affairs and give their marriage, and baby a fair shake. The funeral home was failing until... they took matters into their own hands. Y'all Mary won't disappoint you, read this one. I can't wait for the next book cause i know it'll be just as good. #Book7of2023 #bookworm #whatsnext

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Mary Monroe has done it again! Excellent read. I finished this novel ridiculously fast. Now I literally don’t know what to do with myself and am sad lol.

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