Love Off-Limits: A Sweet Romantic Comedy

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
8 hours 34 minutes
Tyler is hard enough to resist. Put a baby goat in his arms? I'm done for.

When I meet Tyler Marino at a wedding, romance is the last thing on my mind. Yes, he's gorgeous. Yes, we have instant chemistry.

But this summer is all about convincing my skeptical parents I'm ready to run our family farm. I can't afford to give Tyler's smoldering smile a passing glance.

Fine. I glance. And possibly . . . kiss.

But then I go home all the way to a different state. Crisis averted. Until Tyler shows up in North Carolina looking for a job. Of course, I give him one. We've already established I'm terrible at resisting his charm.

It's a disaster waiting to happen. Tyler doing manual labor within easy sight of my office window. Me trying NOT to randomly tumble into his arms. But no matter how cute he looks holding a baby goat, he's off-limits until I earn my dad's trust.

But what if pushing him away for now means losing him forever?
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Carina A.

i love this book so much. Is just so light the kind of love that you experience with this characters. And the farm? And a Goat? i mean it's the cherry on top. When you want something you make everything for that long shot

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Kaitlin L.

The story and writing were spot on, as per usual for Jenny Proctor. I love this when I read the ebook and still loved it here. Narrators always are hard to rate though. I had no problems with the narration. it always takes a few chapters to get used to all the characters, but after three chapters or so, you settle in. I enjoyed my experience listening to such a great book.

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