Luck or Something Like It: A Memoir

Written by:
Kenny Rogers
Narrated by:
Taber Burns

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2012
9 hours 9 minutes
A living legend of Country Music and a worldwide music icon, superstar Kenny Rogers has enjoyed a fascinating five decades in show business, and he tells the full story of his remarkable life and career in Luck or Something Like It. From his days with hit group The First Edition to his sterling solo work, the artist who ''knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em'' knows how to tell a captivating life story as well–bringing a golden era of Country Music to life as he recounts his remarkable rise to the top of the charts. An honest, moving, eye-opening view of a musician's life on the road, Luck or Something Like It is the definitive music memoir–a backstage pass to fifty years of performing and recording presented by the one and only Kenny Rogers, one of the bestselling artists ever.
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Jennifer R.

I have always had a soft spot for Kenny Rogers because my parents listened to him, so I in turn grew up listening to him. His songs bring me back to my childhood. I really enjoyed the book and learning more about his early days before he was "Kenny Rogers". Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes or would like to learn more about him.

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Rosanne M

Ths is one of the very best autobiographies that I have ever read! Kenny's genuine honesty was heartfelt. He has lived quite an interesting life and I enjoyed the stories he tells of each faze of his life. I've been a country music fan since the early 70's, but never really new much about Kenny, as I do many other country stars. This book gave me some insight into his fame and the stories behind many of his songs and friendships with many of his duet partners. I really enjoyed this book and will listen to it again someday.

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Kenny Rogers's stories are funny and Traber Burns sound just like Kenny. The combination of both made this audio book come to life. I laughed every time I listen to it. Great book.

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valorie pruitt

This was an excellent book. At times I laughed and at times I cried but I loved the whole thing. The narrator was great and it felt like it was being read by Kenny Rogers himself.

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