Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

Written by:
Lisa Papp
Narrated by:
Jill Frutkin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2017
0 hours 7 minutes
Madeline Finn DOES NOT like to read. But maybe Bonnie the Library Dog can change her mind. Madeline Finn DOES NOT like to read. Not books. Not magazines. Not even the menu on the ice cream truck. But Madeline Finn DOES want a gold star from her teacher. Stars are for good readers. Stars are for understanding words. And saying them out loud. Fortunately, Madeline Finn meets Bonnie, a library dog. Reading out loud to Bonnie isn't so bad. When Madeline Finn gets stuck, Bonnie doesn't mind. Madeline Finn can pet her until she figures the word out. As it turns out, it's fun to read when you're not afraid of making mistakes. Bonnie teaches Madeline Finn that it's okay to go slow. And to keep trying. Just like the sticker says. Author bio: Lisa Papp grew up telling stories. With a notebook full of sketches, her early tales featured her cat, stuffed animals, and other nature-y things. Today, Lisa is still making up stories and painting pictures, only now, they fill the pages of children's books. She has received awards for both her writing and illustration, including a 2011 NAPPA Honor Award, 2012 Storytelling Award, and the 2013 PA Keystone to Reading Award. When not in her studio, she can be found in her garden chatting with birds, marveling at bees, and dreaming of her next literary adventure. Lisa lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Robert, also an artist, and three wildly creative cats-whom she does read to.
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