The Magic Unicorn & Sleepy Dinosaur Bed Time Stories Collection: Short Bedtime Stories to Help Your Children & Toddlers Sleep and Relax! Great Dinosaurs & Unicorn Fantasy Tales to Dream about all Night!

Written by:
Hannah Watson
Narrated by:
Hannah Watson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
1 hour 59 minutes
Give Your Child the Best Dreams While Enhancing Their Vocabulary & Imagination with the Magic Unicorn & Sleepy Dinosaur Bed Time Stories!
There is nothing more fantastical than a child’s imagination. However, it can be quite easy to inhibit their creativity, especially when they live in a world that requires them to conform.
As parents, you would want your child to believe that anything is possible and that the world is capable of providing them with magnificent opportunities if they keep their creativity alive and burning.
Master storyteller Hannah Watson’s audiobook, “The Magic Unicorn & The Sleepy Dinosaur Bed Time Stories Collection”, will help you with that!
This audiobook is a collection of wonderful short bedtime stories filled with the Magic Unicorn and the Sleepy Dinosaurs awesome adventures, where they meet new characters and befriend unassumingly and misunderstood monsters, among many others.
These short bed time stories are written to help your children and toddlers fall asleep faster and relax after a long day!
In this magical audiobook, your child will:
• Relax their worries away in a comforting space, where you get to snuggle and listen to bed time stories together
• Enhance their empathy, vocabulary, and imagination as they explore the wonderful world of majestic, adventurous unicorns
• Engage in conversation and exploration as you hear about every character and their equally amazing friends
• Have a peaceful, deep sleep, safe with the knowledge that the world isn’t too bad after all, especially when mom and dad are here
• And so much more!
Let your child’s imagination run wild, as they embark on a journey towards dreamland with you by their side. In this audiobook, your child will have wonderful dreams filled with great dinosaurs and magical unicorns all throughout the night!
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Caron C.

This is a charming book to read to the kids before bed.

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Susan R.

This book have a great variety of Bedtime Stories for Kids.

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Mary D.

Lots of good stories, an excellent audiobook for the price.

Profile Avatar
Katy C.

The stories are simple and sweet. The music adds to the magical feeling of the stories.

Profile Avatar
Colin M.

This is exactly what I was hoping it would be! My 7 year old daughter has been really struggling with vivid nightmares recently.

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