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August 2019
23 hours 53 minutes
The first book in acclaimed epic fantasy author John Gwynne's Faithful and Fallen series, Malice is a tale of blind greed, ambition, and betrayal set in a world where ancient monsters are reawakening -- and a war to end all wars is about to begin.

The world is broken. . .and it can never be made whole again.

Corban wants nothing more than to be a warrior under King Brenin's rule -- to protect and serve. But that day will come all too soon. And the price he pays will be in blood.

Evnis has sacrificed -- too much it seems. But what he wants -- the power to rule -- will soon be in his grasp. And nothing will stop him once he has started on his path.

Veradis is the newest member of the warband for the High Prince, Nathair. He is one of the most skilled swordsman to come out of his homeland, yet he is always under the shadow of his older brother.

Nathair has ideas -- and a lot of plans. Many of them don't involve his father, the High King Aquilus. Nor does he agree with his father's idea to summon his fellow kings to council.

The Banished Lands has a violent past where armies of men and giants clashed in battle, the earth running dark with their heartsblood. Now, the stones weep red and giant wyrms stir, and those who can still read the signs see a danger far worse than all that has come before. . .
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Jessica N.

The storyline is alright, not great but not terrible. Some of the character's names are similar so it was difficult to differentiate between them at times. Any time a battle occurred the same jargon was used. It was always "then this", "then that", "suddenly this". For some reason the narrator slowed the speech down for most of the characters, it was maddening.

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Seth M.

Great story, nicely fleshed out characters, enough information given to keep you interested without giving everything away. Ever so slightly formulaic but in best way. I generally prefer a little more world building, but the depth of the characters mostly makes up for the lack.

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Jordon L

I love this series, it’s an interesting concept. Definitely recommend.

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Ivan S.

Excellent story! Fast paced and well written.

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