The Man on the Beach

Written by:
Anna Ihrén
Narrated by:
Imogen Wilde

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
13 hours 11 minutes
Trying to process a life crisis Gothenburg policeman, Dennis Wilhelmson, decides to take a trip to his quiet childhood island, Smögen.

Dennis is looking forward to enjoying some peaceful days at the small town island, where nothing really ever happens... or so he thought.

Everything changes when the body of a young man is found in the habour basin and an old friend of his is missing without a trace.

Dennis is now involuntarily thrown in to the biggest murder investigation the area has ever seen.

Enter Sandra Haraldsson, a young ambitious and very straight forward police aspirant.

This was definitely not the calm and harmonious summer Dennis had been planning for himself to recover. But can Sandra heal his heart while they take on the investigation?

The Man on the Beach is the first part in the series 'The Smögen Murders'.
Anna Ihrén grew up in Stockholm and in Gothenburg, but spent her childhood summers on the island of Smögen. Now she resides in Sjövik with her husband and children. Her series of crime novels 'The Smögen Murders' has become very popular, 'The Man on the Beach' being the first book in the series.
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Regine L.

I enjoyed this book. What I really enjoyed about this book, was the insight into Swedish life. We are all very familiar with American and British traditions of Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Thanksgiving. So it was fascinating and refreshing to learn more about the celebration of Midsommar and how it is a family celebration with a May pole, all the delicious traditional fair of gravad lax, herring pie and all the berries and the beautiful daisy head wreaths. The celebration of Midsommar is something which is now definitely on my bucket list to experience.

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Fiona T.

Far too long winded to the point of being boring at times. A plot that could have been told in half the time. Well narrated considering the storyline.

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It was ok.

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Enjoyed the location and info about Swedish life.

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I loved the location

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So we’ll written that I could picture the island and smell the sea. Loved it!

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David S.

It's a good story with insights into Sweden. It could've been edited better though. Lot's of talk about pregnancy and babies and women not being subservient to men. That's all okay, but the story threads aren't tied together well in the end. There are also a few unrealistic parts, such as having a medivac ambulance respond to a police situation. However, overall it is adventurous, complex, and entertaining, and the narration is pleasant.

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Nick B.

good book

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James H.

I was extremely disappointed with this book as I had hoped it would lead to a new series. However. It really needed some severe editing to make it a story not a storyboard for filming. I think the “he said”, “he wondered” interrupted the story too much. The “he/she wonder” was confusing as I was not sure if it was a thought or spoken. Don’t describe every minute action. Treat the reader with some ability to imagine. The narrator compounded the problem and I frequently found that I had missed chapters. as I drifted off onto other thoughts, whilst out walking. I would not recommend either the author or the narrator.

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Troy B.

Author desperately needs an editor! Eighty-five per cent unneeded description (Every single meal is described, including interrupting a high speed climactic boat chase to imagine how a minor, they went thataway, character might later cook his catch.), five per cent idiocy (saving money for childhood vaccinations in 1837 - 1837 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD) and adverbs, and ten per cent actual story. Does no one in Sweden "ask" a question? They all only "wonder" in this book. I'm left with image of every character in the book stroking his/her chin while looking up like a confused dog.

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it was so boring. I couldn't even finish the book

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elle nelson

it was not one of my favorites. i felt there was a great deal of extra fluff.

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