Managing Your Nonprofit for Resilience: Use Lean Risk Management To Improve Performance and Increase Employee Engagement

Written by:
Ted Bilich
Narrated by:
Tim Andres Pabon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
1 hour 0 minutes
A hands-on risk management playbook for nonprofit leaders, funders, and advisors
Managing Your Nonprofit for Resilience: Use Lean Risk Management to Improve Performance and Increase Engagement, experienced nonprofit risk management expert Ted Bilich delivers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of how to keep your nonprofit vibrant, proactive, and out of trouble. In the book, you'll learn how the world’s best charitable organizations employ lean risk management to prioritize, mitigate, and eliminate the most significant risks facing nonprofits today.

The author teaches you how to develop a risk management cycle and work with risks at the board level, implementing lean risk management tactics incrementally. You'll also discover:
Discussions of fundamental risk management elements
Sample compliance checklists, example questions to ask during risk inventories, and common challenges faced by nonprofits in a wide variety of sectors
Strategies for confronting nascent risk and issues with radical candor and taking reasonable steps to address them before they spiral out of control
An engaging and essential resource for the managers and directors of nonprofits of all sizes, Managing Your Nonprofit for Resilience belongs on the bookshelves of anyone tasked with shepherding a charitable organization through an increasingly challenging and volatile environment.
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