A Marked Witch: A Fantasy Academy Series

A Marked Witch: A Fantasy Academy Series

Written by:
Ashley Mcleo
Narrated by:
Ashley Stenner
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
1 hour 22 minutes
The demon who scarred my face is dead. 

But my nightmare lives on. 

I’m back in Portland, the city of my attack, and things just keep getting weirder. And not in the quirky way this place is known for. 

My internship mentor is sensing strange energies, and when we investigate, demons appear.

And my scars react too. 

I’m convinced the reaction is all in my mind, PTSD from coming face to face with a general of Hell. With the help of my friends, I do my best to work through it.

Because what I should really be concerned about is how and why demons are crossing into the human realm more frequently?

A Marked Witch is an urban fantasy short story in the Spellcasters Spy Academy Series.
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