Married to Krampus

Written by:
Marina Simcoe
Narrated by:
Elle Sonali

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
7 hours 22 minutes
My husband has horns, hooves, fur, and a tail.

His Krampus-like appearance didn't scare me away from marrying him. Forever an optimist, I eagerly agreed to be the first bride shipped under the new liaison program to Voran, a country on the newly discovered planet Neron. The Colonel also has two little boys-a huge plus for me since I adore children.

My down-to-earth sister says I live with my head in the clouds. And maybe I naively hoped for an out-of-this-world romance.

What I didn't expect was an out-of-this-world brute. The scowling, growling, rough-around-the-edges Colonel proves hard to live with and impossible to love. He's also proud and possessive and is dead set on keeping me as his wife.

Did I mention he has horns? Well, he's also horny . . . And our expectations of marriage don't exactly align.

There is something behind the scowl of this infuriating man, though, that intrigues me. Catching glimpses of his strong, fur-covered body makes my stomach flutter with excitement. I came to Voran hoping to find my place in its culture and in the Colonel's heart. Could there be a way to make this thing between us work?

Contains mature themes.
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Lori R.

I really enjoyed this audiobook! The story was fun and always held my attention. I was already a fan of this author before, and this was a perfect example of why. It was cute, it was sweet, and it had some steam. And the narrator was excellent.

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Amber K.

I couldn't imagine leaving everything behind and heading to a new home on a different planet with a husband I never met. Daisy's optimism and bravery toward her new future had me changing my mind tho and I quickly became hooked on this very charming story. I loved that underneath her sweet personality, Daisy was just as tough as her new grumpy husband. The audio narration was very well done and a perfect fit for this story - very enjoyable listen!! Looking forward to more!

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