The Mind Connection: How the Thoughts You Choose Affect Your Mood, Behavior, and Decisions

Written by:
Joyce Meyer
Narrated by:
Joyce Meyer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
6 hours 30 minutes
Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, explores the power of positive thinking and the undeniable connection between the mind, mouth, moods, and attitudes.
Thoughts can seem random and meaningless, but they impact your life every day. It's all connected. What you think affects your words, attitude, decisions, and emotions and influences how you relate to yourself, to other people, and to God.

In THE MIND CONNECTION, Joyce Meyer expands on the wisdom of her bestselling books Battlefield of the Mind and Power Thoughts to explain how to improve the quality of your thoughts and your life. She explores the undeniable connection between the mind, mouth, moods, and attitudes, so that you can develop and maintain the right mental position--no matter what challenges you face. Through practical advice and Scriptural insights, Joyce will help you learn to think with purpose, gain greater confidence, and claim the fulfilling life you were meant to lead.
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Rocio Alvarado

Such an amazing book to detox your mind and start all over I found myself agreeing so much to what Joyce said. also taking into action some things Joyce said its a beautiful book definitely recommend it! I will be listening to this book again I have the hard copy so I love that I can follow along and highlight really great key points so I can always go back and study them a little more.

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Laura Leister

Great book. I am applying concepts to my life daily and I can feel and see a difference. If you want change- good changes, this is the perfect book.

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Pamela I.

I always enjoy Joyce's teachings...

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Alice M.

This is awesome! Great ideas amazing way of relating good ideas! I love the satire, the narrator is also perfect for this read! All in all this is a book worth revisiting every few months! Recommend this highly!

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Kelly Pleadwell

Very insightful and inspiring. Well written, clear, concise.

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