Murder in an Irish Churchyard

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
9 hours 58 minutes
It's official! Siobhan is now Garda O'Sullivan, and her five siblings couldn't be prouder. While her brother James runs Naomi's Bistro, Siobhan is doing her part to keep the village safe. Of course, Kilbane is pretty quiet compared to a place like Dublin, where Macdara Flannery has gone to be a detective sergeant. Then one night the local priest summons Siobhan to the church cemetery. There's a dead man in the graveyard-aboveground. He's a stranger, but the priest has heard talk of an American tourist in town searching for an Irish ancestor. A detective sergeant is dispatched from Dublin to assist with the case, and, as fate would have it, it's Macdara. Things have been awkward between him and Siobhan since he left, but their partnership soon unearths that the victim was from Dublin, Ohio. As they dig for a motive among the gnarled roots of his family tree, long-buried secrets are unearthed. Now, they'll have to stay two steps ahead of the killer...or they'll end up with more than one foot in the grave.
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I enjoyed this although I found it a tad. Belabored at various points

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Jill V.

An all round enjoyable read.

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Pamela J.

Entering. I enjoyed listening as I drove

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Robyn C.

Great light reading. Took a while to get the suspects sorted. Excellent narration, given the differing accents. Enjoying the series.

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Kathy M.

Pleasant and entertaining. I love the narrator! Learning about Ireland in a fun way

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Kylie P.

I am really starting to enjoy this series of the twist and turns without having to think too much to follow the plot and characters.

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